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Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless Edition

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Aldelo For Restaurants Wireless Edition is the extension to our Aldelo For Restaurants Pro software.

With our Wireless Edition software, your wait staff will be able to create and modify table side orders remotely on your wireless connected Pocket PC 2002 / 2003 Devices.

Our Wireless edition software will work together with Aldelo For Restaurants¢ç Pro edition to provide you with a complete traditional and wireless POS solution.

Best of all, our wireless software license is just USD$295 per each PDA. (Of course, you will still need to purchase the proper Pocket PC 2002 or 2003 PDA device hardware, and the necessary Microsoft Server and Terminal Services licenses)

What It Will Do For You?

Eliminate double order entry by your wait staff. Your servers no longer need to write down what the customer want at the table on a scratch paper, and then have to enter the order at the computer station.

Instead, your servers can enter the customer orders wirelessly on your Pocket PC device running Aldelo For Restaurants¢ç Wireless Edition, and then automatically submit the order to the kitchen / bar for fastest turnaround time.

Your servers will also be able to recall and edit any of the table side orders that are not yet closed on your PDA device.

This extension will significantly improve your wait staff’s efficiency and improve your customer service.

What Hardware and Software Do I Need?

You will need one server computer with Microsoft Server 2003 Standard Edition and Windows Terminal Services installed (proper server and terminal services licensing required to operate.)

You will also need enough 802.11b Wireless Access Points to cover all your restaurant area with wireless connectivity. Normally, one access point will serve about 300 square feet.

You will also need one 802.11b Wireless Connectivity Card per each Pocket PC 2002 or 2003 device you plan to use. Please make sure that the Wireless Connectivity Card is supported on the intended PDA device you want to use.

Additionally, you will also need Aldelo For Restaurants¢ç Wireless Edition licenses for each of your PDA device you want to have access to the server computer.

You will also require a minimum of 1 station of Aldelo For Restaurants¢ç Pro Edition software for all other funcationality not covered by the wireless solution.