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Aldelo Data Polling Server™

What do you do when you have multiple restaurants and wish to receive their daily operations data to your central headquarters?

Our Aldelo Data Polling Server™ is your solution to simplify your enterprise data polling needs.

You can use this utility to transfer each of your restaurants’ data to your enterprise headquarters automatically via Internet email access.

Features Overview…

  • One direction upload of database changes from the restaurant locations to the headquarters Internet email account.
  • Only the compressed data is transferred, saving you connect time. (Up to 90% compression rate)
  • Database change files are archived both locally and on the headquarters server to ensure data safety in case of transmit errors.
  • Automatically trigger polling action, based on the time of day.
  • Ability to manually trigger the polling action.
  • Transfer up to a maximum of 1 MB compressed change file via Internet Email access.
  • Note: The polling software currently does not support transfer of data back to restaurant locations, for this purpose, we suggest using PC Anywhere software.

System Requirements…

  • Internet access via Dial Up, ISDN, DSL, Cable Modem, or other connectivity methods.
  • Dedicated POP3/SMTP email account.
  • Ability to send and receive email attachments up to 1 MB in size per email.
  • Email account with enough storage space, preferably 5 MB or more.
  • Aldelo For Restaurants Back Office Site License. (Required for the headquarters server, if you need to review the data on that computer)
  • Note: Please check with your ISP regarding the Internet features listed above.