Software / Aldelo Annual Support

Annual Telephone/Email Support Contract

You understand the importance of automating your restaurant operations to reduce losses & increase profitability.

That’s why you have invested in the point of sale solution! Now you should protect your investments!

For as low as little over a dollar a day, you will have continuous telephone and email support coverage in case you have any technical needs on our software solution.

Additionally, with the support contract, you will also be given online password to download any new software upgrades for as long as your support contract is active.

Our support is provided during our normal office hours outlined in the contact page. Additionally, the support contract covers technical issues related to our software solutions. However, we do not provide any support on third party software or hardware.

The cost for the annual support contract is USD$495.00 per year.

If you should have any additional questions regarding our support contract service, please contact our sales team.